First Presbyterian School for Young Children

    Stepping Stones, First Presbyterian School for Young Children is a mission of The First Presbyterian Church of Graham, TX.  The Church offers this program out of its basic belief that God is a God of love and that children should have the opportunity to experience this love in relationships with others within a spiritual environment.

    We hope that the experiences at Stepping Stones, in conjunction with the experiences in the home, will enable the child to have a positive self concept; to be accepting of others; to learn to express themselves in many ways; be curious, imaginative, creative, and responsible; to want to learn; to enjoy play; to feel loved and secure.

   Enrollment is offered to church members and the community as a means of fulfilling the needs of families who desire the opportunity for their children to experience social interaction with children their own age and participate in developmentally appropriate learning in a positive environment.

It is our desire to help children learn that they are important persons; that they are loved and they are able to love in return; that they can care for themselves, others, and their environment.  It is our goal to aid children's self-discovery by allowing them to explore, experience, and absorb their environment.  We want them to develop their talents, coordination, and relationships with others, adults as well as peers.  We also strive to aid them in their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social growth.

OUR SCHOOL IS FIRMLY PLAY BASED - as recommended by The NAEYC, The National Association of the Education of Young Children.  We believe school should be a place where learning is a joy.  We believe play is the "work" of children.  It is through play that children sort, work through, and come to terms with or form new understandings about their immediate environment, social relationships, and their larger world.  There is general agreement in the field of Early Childhood Education that play is of great importance and that much of a young child's learning takes place when they direct their own play activities.  It enhances their quality of life; their thinking skills are enhanced; it give them therapeutic release, intellectual growth; and helps them discharge excess energy.

"Spontaneous play is the delicate dance of childhood that strengthens the mind and body, and nourishes the soul." Dr. Hoe Frost

Program Design
    Our program days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 1:30 p.m.  The classes are divided into infants (6 months-1 year), toddlers (1 year-2 years), two year olds, three year olds, and four & five year olds. The birthday must fall by August 31st to be in that age class.  Average teacher-child ratio is 1-3 for infants, 1-5 for the toddlers, 1-6 for the twos, 1-8 for the threes and 1-10 for the fours.

    The First Presbyterian School for Young Children will begin classes on Wednesday, September 3rd and finish Friday, May 15th, generally following the public school calendar and their holidays.  Our program will be closed for bad weather if the public schools close.

    All ages participate in Chapel and a Music & Movement program. Infants and toddlers enjoy outside play along with developmentally appropriate learning activities, lunch and rest times (if needed).  The two, three, and four year old classes also have daily programs that include; circle time, group activities and individual activities at learning centers, and playground.  All children bring a lunch from home.  The three and four year old classes also look forward to field trips, cooking opportunities and 30 minute science and computer classes.  Art and other thematic activities supplement the classroom curriculum.  The curriculum and all of our classroom activities focus on literacy and language development at all age levels.  Our teachers are helping the children reach physical, social, emotional, educational and developmental goals at each child's own rate of growing and learning.

            We encourage parent involvement and urge you to take part in your child's school. There will be many places for you to volunteer your talents.
    You will be contacted to volunteer in the areas of your choice. Remember, your involvement plays a critical part in making your child's pre-school years more enjoyable.  You are invited to drop by the school to visit at anytime.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to schedule a conference.

    Stepping Stones is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
and maintains liability insurance as required by the Human Resources Code.
Stepping Stones has a non-discriminatory policy toward students.

Tuition and Fees
    Tuition and fees are set by the Board of the First Presbyterian School for Young Children and are payable the first school day of each month. A yearly registration fee is due at the time of registration.  If your child is placed on a waiting list, your registration check will be returned.  Once a child has been accepted into the program, May 2009 tuition is due in advance to hold the child's place on the class list.  Once paid, May 2009 tuition is not refundable upon withdrawal.  2008-09 tuition is $160.00 per month and is due in the office by the 10th of the month to avoid payment of a $10.00 late fee.

Tuition is figured on a yearly basis and divided by nine months. The amount is not flexible with long and short months or attendance.
Consequently there will be no refunds or reductions for the time a child is absent.

    Registration will be held March 23rd through 27th.  A $25.00 registration fee is due with the form.  Returning students, First Presbyterian Church members, returning students' siblings, and teacher's children will receive priority enrollment with all class lists being approved by the Board of Directors of Stepping Stones.  Acceptance and waiting list letters will be mailed.  If your child is accepted into the program, the registration fee is not refundable.  If your child is placed on the waiting list, your check will be returned  In order to hold your child's place in our program, the May 2009 Advance Tuition is due on or before April 30, 2008.  May 2009 Advance Tuition is not refundable.

    Please notify the Director immediately if it becomes necessary to withdraw your child. We ask that you give at least two weeks notice, preferably a month for withdrawal.  The tuition and fees are not refundable upon withdrawal.

Health and Immunization records
    Please do not send a sick child to school. If your child becomes ill during school hours, you will be notified. He/she should be picked up as soon as possible. We will keep your child isolated until you arrive. DO NOT send medication with your child. Under NO circumstances shall medicine be given by one of our staff.

Immunization records and a Preschool Health Statement will be required on each child enrolled.  Forms will be mailed to all families the first week in August and are due on the first day of school along with the tuition.  Copies of the child's shot record (with physician's signature) are permissible when attached to the completed health statement.

If you would like more information on the preschool program you may contact the Stepping Stones office.
940-549-4264 or


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